Is it Really Necessary to Use a Toner After Cleansing?

DEC_BEAUTY_ROUTINE_FACE_CLEANSING_Look18_019 V3Routinely cleansing and toning our skin is the first line of defense for healthy, radiant skin.  However, for many, using a toner after cleansing is an all too often overlooked and skipped step.  Here’s a great article on the importance of toning our skin after cleansing:

To quote the insightful article on why we need to use a toner after cleansing:  “Toning our skin keeps our pores clean   and our skin healthy.  It should be done after a gentle but thorough   cleansing of our skin and before putting on moisturizers.  This   will prepare our skin to be more receptive to the nourishing care that comes with moisturizing.

Between men and women, men may have   a greater need for toners.  This is because their skin is about   fifteen percent oilier than women and they usually have considerably   larger pores.  Thus requiring them a more frequent deep cleansing   and toning to look fresh and healthy.”

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