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“Even Beauty Products Face the Aging Process” – Alix Strauss of the New York Times Encapsulates it for Us!

In her article on “Even Beauty Products Face the Aging Process,” Alix Strauss, Contributing Beauty Editor for the New York Times, poses the question, “SHOULD beauty products be stamped with expiration dates like cartons of milk, indicating how long they will last before turning?”

Alix included DECLÉOR in her round up and search to find answers. Our R&D team in France, including Michel Sabadie, Director of Research and Development for Shiseido International France -(DECLÉOR is part of Shiseido’s Professional Division)- offered some insight on the science of separating ingredients that benefit the skin in tandem and collectively (and are meant to be used together), but are packaged separately.

Here’s an excerpt from the article: “In January, Decléor released Life Radiance Double Radiance ($67), which contains one part cream (for radiance, the company claims) and one part gel (to protect the skin) — presented together but divided in separate tubes.” Other reputable skincare brands have similarly packaged items, e.g. La Prairie, Remède, SkinMedica, etc.

According to Michel Sabadie, “in this case there is no shelf-life risk because the customer is mixing gel and cream just before use. If they were already mixed together, the shelf life would be less than one day.” Continue reading


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Think Pink & Support Cancer and Careers, a Program of CEW Foundation

DECLÉOR Cares about Breast Cancer Awareness! Think Pink and support Cancer & Careers, a program of CEW Foundation. For the 6th consecutive year, DECLÉOR supports Cancer & Careers, and we are pleased to donate up to 10% of net proceeds of our Aromatherapy Journey Sets sold during the month of October.

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