Founder, Solange Dessimoulie Impressed By Noelle Spa, DECLÉOR’s Longest Standing Spa Partnership!

During her visit last week, DECLÉOR founder, Solange Dessimoulie visited with the lovely staff of Noelle Spa for Beauty & Wellness in Stamford, CT to chat with Owner, Peter DeCaprio, Peter’s son, Jason DeCaprio, Karen Silverstein, and the loyal estheticians – some of which have been working with DECLÉOR products for over 20 years!  In addition to discussing how she started working on the first DECLÉOR products -Prolagene, Circulagel, & Alguaromes - in a garage in the early part of 1972 (the brand was established 2 years later in 1974) with Caroline Colliard, Solange spoke at length about the great benefits of Prolagene for the regeneration of the skin and scar tissue as well as for keeping the skin youthful and firm. 

Solange also shared her story about the initial name of this enigmatic brand before it became DECLÉOR, known before as simply “CLEOR,” which means in French, “CLÉ- EN -OR”…the golden key that opens your temple of beauty!  Now under Shiseido Group and benefiting from all the expertise of its R&D, DECLÉOR celebrates its 38th anniversary this year and Solange remains the great ambassador of the brand.  Available in over 80 countries worldwide and growing, I’d say, “BRAVO” to the unstoppable duo of their day -Solange and Caroline- who started this iconic brand in a garage in 1970′s Paris with a product concept and all the passion and determination one could muster.  

Solange was quite impressed with the Noelle environment, the professionalism of the spa and the expertise of their estheticians.  Everyone gave her such a warm and enthusiastic welcome and their French “touches” throughout the spa were so apparent.  Since Noelle is DECLÉOR’s longest standing spa partnership of over 20 years, Solange was extremely appreciative and touched by the passion and commitment of the staff. 

A BIG thank you to Peter DeCaprio and the entire team at Noelle for their warm welcome and hospitality!


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